Cookies Policy


In the spirit of open and transparent, this policy provides detailed information about the cookies used by 4uKey. This cookie policy applies to any 4uKey product or service that links to this policy or contains this policy by reference.

About Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. to help track and report website traffic. Google Analytics doesn’t identify users, and your IP address is not associated with other data held by Google. We use the anonymous information to analyze our websites and improve the content and user experiences.

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Cookies used by 4uKey

There are several types of cookies operating on our website. Their purposes and uses are listed below.

User of the Software

There are several types of cookies operating on our website. Their purposes and uses are listed below.

1. Important Cookies

Some cookies are important for authentication and security. For example, these cookies can help use to verify your identity and provide appropriate information when you log in to our site. You will be notified when others log into your account from a different IP address that is not recorded and will be able to deny access to others.

2. Functional Cookies

These cookies can help remember your preferences and help customize your settings on our site, for example, by displaying site content in your preferred language.

3. Performance Improvement Cookies

These cookies help us understand and analyze the behavior of users on our websites and products. For example, these cookies allow us to count active visitors on our websites and see how engaged visitors are. This helps us to perfect the user experience and the way our website works. In addition, these cookies can store some information on your browser or device that makes our website load faster.

Cookies in Mobile Devices

Smartphones have similar capabilities to computers. When you visit our website through Safari or other browsers, we may obtain or receive information about your device, such as the make and model of your mobile device, and the activity of 4uKey software.

Changes to Cookies Policy

We may update this policy from time to time. Any significant changes will be fully noted on our website.