4MeKey Activation Unlocker

  • Remove iCloud activation lock without password/Apple ID on iOS 16.3(Win) and 16.7.1(Mac)
  • Remove logined iCloud account/Apple ID on iOS device
  • Turn off Find My iPhone/iPad/iPod touch without password
  • Turn off camera sound without muting

Not Just Your Trusted iCloud Activation Lock Removal Tool

Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

4MeKey can offer you the best iCloud unlocking experience to turn off Activation Lock without password.

Support iOS 12.0-14.8.1

Unlock Apple ID

4MeKey is absolutely the best choice for you to unlock Apple ID.

FMI is closed

Support iOS 16 and later

FMI is open

Versions before ios 11.4

Turn off Camera Sound

4MeKey can easily turn off camera sound without muting.

Support iOS 12.0-14.8.1

What Can You Do after Removing iCloud Activation Lock?

Free to Use Apple Store

Free to log in with a new Apple ID through App Store or iTunes & App Store in Settings to download apps over Wi-Fi.

Turn Off Find My iDevice

You can easily turn off Find My iPhone without password.

The Activation Lock will not appear when you restart or factory reset your iPhone.

More about Removing iCloud Activation Lock


  • You cannot use the iOS device's function of a phone call, cellular, or log in iCloud with new Apple ID from settings after iOS activation lock removal.
  • Do not restart, factory reset or flash firmware of your device after successful removing iCloud activation lock, otherwisethe device will be locked again. But you can unlock the device again before the license expires.
  • Before removing iCloud Activation Lock, 4MeKey will jailbreak your iOS device, which has the potential to brick your device.
  • 4MeKey is aimed to help those who have forgotten Apple ID or Apple ID password, any commercial use is not permitted. And, any credentials and individual data cannot be accessed.

How to Use 4MeKey?

Step 1: Connect

Make sure the iOS device is connected to the computer.

Step 2: Jailbreak

Choose "Start Jailbreak" to jailbreak your device.

Step 3: Remove Successfully

The iCloud Activation Lock is removed now.

Step 1: Connect Device to Computer

Make sure the iOS device is connected to the computer stably.

Step 2: Jailbreak Your Device

Choose "Start Jailbreak" to jailbreak your device with 4MeKey.

Step 3: Remove Activation lock Successfully

The iCloud Activation Lock is removed now on your device.

Supported iOS Devices to Erase Activation lock



iPhone 5S [for Mac, iOS 12.5.5 and below], iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7. iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone SE 1


iPad: 5th Generation iPad (2017), 6th Generation iPad (2018), 7th Generation iPad (2019); iPad mini: iPad mini 2 (2013)[for Mac], iPad mini 3 (2014)[for Mac], iPad mini 4 (2015); iPad Air: iPad Air (2013)[for Mac],iPad Air 2 (2014); iPad Pro: 12.9-inch 1st Generation iPad Pro (2015), 12.9-inch 2nd Generation iPad Pro (2017), 9.7-inch iPad Pro (2016), 10.5-inch iPad Pro (2017)


iPod touch 6, iPod touch 7

Required System


iOS: from iOS 12 to 16.7 (iOS 14 for 6s/6s Plus~ iPhone X/iPhone 8/iPhone SE1; iPad 5/6/7; iPad Mini 4/iPad Air 2/iPad Pro 1/Pro 2; iPod touch 7)


Windows 7 for iOS 12-15.6
Windows 8/8.1/10/11 for iOS 12-16.3


macOS 10.11-13 for iOS 12-14.8
macOS 10.15-13 for iOS 15-16.7

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Professionals Say

female author 1

Gail Phelps

Thanks very much. With 4MeKey, I can easily jailbreak iPad 2 to remove Activation Lock. May all be well!

9:14 PM · April 14,2022

male author 1

Amos Mellor

Thanks, 4mekey! As a green hand, it is so easy to bypass the Activation lock on my iPhone X.

8:23 PM · Nov 11,2022

female author 2

Zena Mackenzie

4MeKey helped me remove the icloud activation lock on my second hand iphone. Very happy with the results!

male author 2

Ruben Corona

Fixing issues/bugs faster than expected, you can trust the team of 4MeKey.

4:45 PM · Jan 21, 2022

female author 3

Lisa Milne

Omg, it really removes the activation lock. Really amazing. Only took a few minutes to solve my problem. Highly recommend it to you.



I want to turn off "find my iphone" but I just forget correct passcode. Thanks to 4MeKey, I made it easy.

male author 3

Ebony Bradshaw

Forgot the Apple Id passcode is extrely troublesome. Because you are not able to use it anymore if it locked. luckly my friend recommend 4MeKey to me and I try, it removed my activation lock successfully. I’m shocked!!!

10:58 AM · Sep 19, 2020

female author 4

Saoirse Hilton

This 4mekey helped me to unlock my iCloud lock successfully. I bought it from a online shopping platform and is claimed to be without any lock on the device. However, it didn't. I found this from Reddit and quora. Never thought that it would work eventually.

9:47 PM · July 16, 2022

male author 5

Kareem Ward

My iPhone x has stuck on activation lock and I googled, someone recommend to use 4MeKey, never thought that this would work.

8:47 AM · June 16, 2022

female author 5

Kacie Neale

You are so awesome Tenorshare Team. Thank you for your support. The process of removing activation lock is so complicated, but you guys make it easy!


iCloud Activation Lock is activated when Apple users turn on Find My on the iOS devices. This security feature is designed by Apple to prevent personal information leakage from the iOS devices which was being lost or stolen.

In most cases, you can go to Apple service for help to remove the iCloud Activation Lock screen when you forgot the password or Apple ID. But you need to provide a lot of certificates to prove that you brought the device from Apple Store.

If you buy a second-hand or used device, the normal solution is to ask the previous owner to help you with bypassing iPhone/iPad/iPod touch activation lock.

However, most of time, you can't get touch with the previous owner. That's why 4MeKey come in.

It depends.

1. If you can prove yourself is the legitimate owner of the iPhone, then it’s legal to ask Apple to provide iCloud unlock service .

2. It will take a huge risk if you’re going to unlock a stolen or blacklisted iOS device.

4Mekey provides trusted iCloud removal service as always. It guarantees users 100% security and private info protection with customer-oriented philosophy.

99% of those who claim to offer free iCloud unlock service are scammers or malwares.

If you really want to utilize a trusted iCloud Activation Lock removal tool, you can have a try on 4MeKey, a paid software, which is 100% green and trustworthy with advanced technology.

Under such circumstances, there are some possible ways for you to have a smack at:

There is a slim chance to remove Activation Lock without previous owner because it’s tough and time-consuming.

The last resort is to take advantage of some unlocking service such as 4Mekey to get you out of the dilemma, which is safe and guarantees a high success rate.