6 Best Easy Samsung FRP Tools in 2023

Factory Reset Protection(FRP) is a security feature that asks for the linked Google account credentials after an Android device is reset to its factory settings. The feature has been designed to verify the owner of the phone and prevent unauthorized access to the device.

So long as a Google account is set up on your Android device, the FRP lock will be activated and you will be required to enter the account credentials to unlock the device when you perform a Factory Data Reset. Until you enter the correct credentials of the synced Google account, you cannot proceed further. However, even an owner can forget his password. Besides, you could have purchased a used phone, and you do not know the previous owner’s Google account details. That is where FRP bypass tools come into play. With an easy FRP bypass tool, you can easily remove the Google lock from your Samsung device without entering any password. In this article, we will discuss the top 6 easy Samsung FRP tools available for you.

Top 1: 4uKey for Android HOT

4uKey for Android is the top-rated Samsung FRP bypass tool that has the ability to bypass FRP lock on Samsung devices and make FRP bypass a hassle-free experience. Whether your Samsung device run older Android versions like Android 6,7,8,9 and 10 or has received newer Android version updates like Android 11 and Android 12, this program gets your back.

easy samsung frp bypass tool - 4ukey for android

Available features of 4uKey for Android include:

  • Provide specific Samsung FRP bypass solutions to promise high success rate.
  • Remove forgotten , PIN, password, pattern and unavailable biometric locks.
  • Work with almost all popular models of Android devices.
  • Simple-to-use macOS and Windows program.
  • User-friendly and simple interface; no professional knowledge required.

If you’re currently stuck in Google account verification, then go for 4uKey for Android-Samsung FRP bypass tool for PC free download. Once it is downloaded and installed on your computer, simply check out the video below to bypass the FRP lock on your Samsung device in a few minutes.

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  • Provide an intuitive user interface
  • Provide different FRP removal solutions based on different Android OS versions
  • Bypass FRP lock and screen lock quickly and safely
  • Simple and straightforward process


  • Services it offers are not for free
  • Cannot unlock Samsung activation lock.
  • Erases all your data and settings after screen lock removal.

Top 2: UnlockJunky FRP Bypass service

Most smartphone users get worried when they need to perform any diagnostic process. If you are not feeling confident to execute the FRP bypass steps yourself, you can avail UnlockJunky which is an online service specializing on the FRP bypass. UnlockJuncky offers a simple desktop program that you can download on your computer. By simply entering the basic details of your Samsung phone, you then can leave the FRP bypass job to UnlockJunky through which a technician will remotely access your computer and performs the FRP bypass steps on your behalf successfully within 5 minutes. You need to pay the service fee before the technical proceeds to unlock the FRP lock in your Samsung phone.

easy samsung frp bypass tool - unlockjunky

Available features of UnlockJunky include:

  • Make Samsung FRP bypass in 5 minutes.
  • Highest level of security during remote control sessions.
  • Compatible with Samsung, Motorola, LG and ZTE devices.
  • Perform carrier unlock and IMEI repair.
  • Easy and secure payment option to avail the service.


  • Expert technicians handle the FRP lock issue.
  • No technical skill required.
  • Super fast FRP unlock service.


  • Not all Samsung models are supported.
  • You have a pay a fee for the service.

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Top 3: FRP Hijacker by Hagard

FRP Hijacker also works as an easy FRP bypass tool. It is a completely safe and free utility program developed by Gsm Hagard that helps Samsung users bypass FRP lock on their phones in a few steps. With the help of download mode or Odin mode, you can easily get the FRP lock removed without using any extra FRP or Combination files. If you have enabled the USB debugging mode on your device, then you can also bypass FRP and factory reset your device by creating an ADB Enabled Combination file through it. What’s more, this Samsung easy FRP tool tool even allows you to bypass FRP using Phone Dialer.

FRP bypass is not that easy. However, with the FRP Hijacker tool, Samsung FRP bypass is much less cumbersome than it used to be.

easy samsung frp bypass tool - frp hijacker

Available features of FRP Hijacker by Hagard include:

  • Bypass or remove factory reset protection in download mode (odin mode).
  • Perform ABD operation on Android devices including Samsung.
  • Bypass FRP with Phone Dialer.
  • Fix soft brick issues on Samsung device.
  • Easy and secure payment option to avail the service.


  • Free and easy to operate with an intuitive user interface.
  • One-click FRP unlock.
  • Different FRP bypass methods available.
  • Support almost all Samsung phones and tablets.


  • Except Samsung, it is compatible with only a few devices.
  • No technical support is available for the tool.
  • Working for Windows operating systems only.

Top 4: Easy Samsung FRP Tool V2.7

Developed by the Easy Firmware Team, Easy Samsung FRP Tool is a windows-based utility tool that is specially designed to help Samsung users easily bypass the FRP lock on any Samsung Galaxy phones with Android 12, Android Pie, Android Oreo through Chrome Browser. As a free-to-use Samsung FRP lock removal tool, Easy Samsung FRP tool simplifies the service that requires you to provide the login credentials of the previously synced Google account, allowing you to connect back into your device without having to enter a password.

The procedure of using the Easy Samsung FRP Tool V2.7 2022 version to unlock the FRP is straightforward. All you need to do is download and install it on your Windows PC, then launch the tool and connect your Samsung device which should be connected to a Wi-Fi network to your computer, and finally click on the Bypass FRP button.

easy samsung frp bypass tool - easy samsung frp tool v2.7

Available features of Easy Samsung FRP Tool include:

  • Remove or bypass all FRP restrictions on Samsung Galaxy devices without a password.
  • Compatible with almost all Samsung Galaxy devices, inclusive of those that run on Exynos and Snapdragon processors.
  • Delete or bypass FRP without using any FRP or combination File.
  • One-click Google account bypass.
  • Access to Chrome.


  • One-click Google account bypass.
  • Easy to use and lightweight in size.
  • 100% free FRP Unlock tool.
  • Malware-free.


  • Being solely available on Windows.
  • Not all Samsung devices are supported by this tool.
  • The FRP bypass steps can be error-prone.

Top 5: Samsung FRP Helper Tool V0.2

As the name speaks it all, Samsung FRP Helper Tool is an easy Samsung FRP bypass tool that helps Samsung users remove the FRP Google verification from any Samsung phones and tablets. The Samsung FRP Helper tool has recently been upgraded to V0.2 and is now available to free download. With the new updates, the FRP bypass process becomes very easy and will be done within a couple of seconds.

easy samsung frp bypass tool - samsung frp helper tool v0.2

Available features of Samsung FRP Helper Tool V0.2 include:

  • Bypass the FRP lock from all kind of Samsung devices.
  • ADB method is available for FRP bypass.
  • Another Calling method is now on air to use.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Compatible with Android versions below Nougat.
  • Can be used to circumvent Google account security


  • Compatible with models of Samsung phones and tablets.
  • Completely free & user-friendly.


  • Work with only Samsung devices.
  • Combination firmware is required.

Top 6: D&G Unlocker Tool

D&G Unlcoker tool, also known as DG password unlocker tool, is recognized as one of the best FRP bypass tools. It assists in bypassing FRP locks on most android devices including Samsung,Motorola, Huawei, HTC, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Yuphoria, Deep, and Nube GT-Smart devices and helps to get you back to the normal settings of the device.

D&G Unlcoker tool comes with an intuitive interface, making your Samsung FRP bypass experience as easy as possible. This Windows-only FRP bypass tool is now completely free to download.

easy samsung frp bypass tool - d&g unlocker tool

Available features of Easy Samsung FRP Tool include:

  • Bypass FRP lock on supported Android devices in the easy and quickest way.
  • Remove password, pattern lock, bloatware lock, pin code lock and similar types of password protection.
  • Works with Nube GT-Smart, HTC, Xiaomi, Huawei, Yuphoria Android devices, Samsung, Lenovo, and Motorola.


  • Wide compatibility for different brands of devices.
  • Remove different types of phone locks.
  • Smooth navigation and clean user interface.
  • Free of cost


  • The overall process to unlock FRP is slightly complicated.
  • Available on Windows platform only.
  • Some users have reported that the unlock process is not quick.

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Final Words:

Features like the FRP lock have been designed and introduced to Android devices to ensure that your data remains safe. However, in some cases - you can fall into the trap and get locked out of your phone as a result of forgetting the Google account credentials. If that is the case with you - there is nothing better than using an easy Samsung FRP tool. We’ve summarized the 6 best easy Samsung FRP bypass tools and the top-rated one should be 4uKey for Android. This is because it provides you with the easy-to-use interface, which will help you bypass the FRP tool within a few clicks. And while you are using the tool - you will remain safe. Read through the article to know more about Samsung FRP tool 2022 download for PC.

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